Things a Woman Can Do to Spice up the Bedroom

There are 19 things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom.

things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom

1. Have Naked Sundays

Arrange to spend a free naked Sunday at home. It pretty guarantees an evocative day.

2. Have Sex Anywhere but the Bedroom

Tired of the bedroom, so just go out. Whether it’s in other rooms of your home or more daring places outside, pay attention to setting boundaries. That’s also beneficial for spice up the bedroom life.

3. Wake Him up by an Oral

Start your daily life with an oral, That would allow both parties to immerse themselves in some evocative things throughout the day.

4. Break out the Oil

Give it a go with a massage with candles and oils. Feel relax and make love by intimate touching and kissing. Take a break like this in hectic daily life.

5. Watch Porn Together

I totally understand why most women hate pornography. Don’t watch porn which is degrading to women or men unless you both are like to. That might be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, so try to do something for breaking the ice. then things going on.

6. Set the Scene

Dim light, music, candles, lingerie, imagining this scene and your beautiful wife, would it blow your mind away?

7. Do Something out of the Blue

It is usually hot to do some spontaneous things such as go out with him with wearing sexy underwear, getting naked in the kitchen after work.

8. Take It Slow

Take it to slow instead of jumping right in. Arrange it like a couple of teenagers, go on foreplay before the ultimate fun. That brings up many expectations and will make things smoother.

9. Keep the Heels On, Dress Up

Slip-on a pair shortly before launching something, unless you tried it and it really got in the way. According to the experience of most people, it is very hot.

10. Give Him a Peep Show

Spend your entire time to get ready with wearing sexy bra and panties when you and your husband have action to go out. Shoo him away if he tries to do something outside. Then you both shall burst with anticipation when you get back home.

11. Change Your Pillow Position

Try changing the position of the pillow such as under the buttocks. At the same time, force in some special places and you will find new things.

12. Shop in the “Adult” Department

Yes, it is sex toys. That is not shaming. So please don’t be shy.

13. Attempt New Position Rule, Learn New Sex Positions

Don’t stick to the unchanging ‘missionaries’, you can find more.

14. Leave Sexy Signals

When you agree on something such as a key ring as a sexy signal, if you see it in the morning, it is often a fantasizing day and a wet night.

15. Read 50 Shades of Gray

That is already a bible of many couples. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it.

16. Tell Him What You Like, Explore His Fantasies(And Yours Too)

Read your fantasies one by one on the note, don’t be nervous, unless one person is not honest.

17. Take Him to a Strip Club

But be bound. So when he goes home, you have to be prepared.

18. Add Some Purple to Your Bedroom

It is amazing, purple does have the effect of stimulating lust. Unless you really hate it, why not try it?

19. Talk Dirty

This you may not be able to imagine. But according to statistics, men are usually more harmonious with some talk dirty women. So you can also find a lot of guidance.

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